all the crying

There is nothing I hate more than watching people struggling and frustrated. Especially when it doesn’t have to be that way.

I had a client last year, who literally broke down and wept on our first call, as she described how she had spent thousands on a website for her business. She shared that even though money was really tight, she knew that a site was critical to making her new business work. So she bit the bullet, and hired a developer. And 6 months later her email still didn’t work, her website wasn’t live, and she didn’t have access to the content she had put up herself. Her login had quit working.

I listened to her story. I shook my head when I looked at what had been done, and what she had paid.

And then, on the next call, while we were talking about her long term plans for the site, I got the new one set up, got her signed into her new email and CMS, and walked her through how it works.

And then she started crying again. Because it was simple. And it worked. And she had what she needed to share her story.

Please. Talk to me before you’re crying every time you have to work on your website.