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let us do the work

This is what we do.

Everything you need for your life online.


All the words. Graphics. Images and Video.

We can help create what you need to serve your story, and your message. We can do it once and get your first site set up. And we can do it every week, crafting new content to grow your business. 


Hosting, security, SSL, backups, storage, email, data processing, analytics. SEO, crypto, integrations, and apps.

We have the best tools to keep your back end tight.


Assess, plan, and then get it done.

Whether you need long-form, in-depth content marketing, or just a little help with your ad buys, we can help.

How do you feel about your website?

Does it make you frustrated?

Are you excited to send your clients to it?

Or do you make excuses?

“Oh, we have a website, but it’s not up to date.”

“My email has been down for a while, just call me.”

“I’ve got a site, but I can’t log in to make changes.”

“I think my last blog post was in 2016.”

“Just ignore the security warnings… it’s ok…

Your website should be the first thing you check when you look at your phone in the morning.

Because you love it so much.

Because it makes you feel good just to know it’s there, working for you, even when you’re not.

This is what we offer.

Real world website services. For real, busy people.
We provide website hosting, security, SSL, backups, storage, email, and more. Our servers are based in Canada, with a Canadian company, so when we have...
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This is not your brother in law that just learned photoshop on YouTube. We do skilled professional branding that tells your story in shape, colour,...
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content marketing
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We can help.

Whether you’ve had websites for decades, or you have a great new idea that you want to offer to the world, we can help.

We are completely focused on finding better ways to get it done.

We learn something new every day. And we are constantly working to make our business better, for you.


This is what's happening.

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Let’s talk about money.

If you’re paying for a website by the page, you’re getting hosed like it’s 1995. It used to take effort, time, and skill to build websites. We know. We used to build them in the long ago 2000’s.

Now, we can set up a basic site for a client with as many pages as they want, custom themes, email, and have items up for sale in their store, in minutes. And we do. Sometimes while we’re in the first meeting.

We create hundreds of sites every year, so we’ve made it fast, efficient, and cost effective for us. Which is good for you. 

The real value lies in how to make that website go to work. Does it support your business plan? Do you have a digital business plan to follow? Does it drive revenue? Does it capture and keep customers? Does it serve your client, your strategy, and your story? 

If you answered yes to all of these, then you have an amazing online team! Say thank you and appreciate them!!!

If you didn’t answer yes, then let us do the work. 

Whatever you need, we can do it. And we’ve probably done it for someone else. If you just want the fanciest website in town to brag about, we’re happy to build you a $30,000 custom site!

But it’s really just a matter of finding a way to get you what you need, for what you can spend.

We have clients that pay $29/month just to have us on call if they need help with their WordPress site. And we have clients that pay a little bit more, for us to do absolutely everything for their business online.

It’s about finding the balance between what we can deliver, what you can afford, and most importantly, what best serves your plan, your business, and the ROI you demand.

We are happy to take the time to figure out what works for you. Month to month with no commitment? No problem. A long term contract that is predictable, but adaptable? Sounds good. 

We want you to be grateful and happy when you pay our bill every month. We hope that every time you see that invoice, you always feel like you’re getting the better end of the deal.

What do you need?

We will do everything for you.
Just tell us what you need.

If you don’t know what you need, we can help with that too.


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